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Where to begin shootin’ holes in this theory. Yowzers. #WestViginia #MountainMomma #SmokeEmIfYouGotEm

here’s a cool 9-song set to ease into the first weekend of 2014. some old, some new. enjoy!

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True story. #CardsAgainstHumanity

Keys Strings and a Band of Kings Tour

currently in the tour van, heading to Schenectady for the 3rd stop on our Keys, Strings and a Band Of Kings Tour with Brendan James and his band. to say it’s been a great run so far is putting it mildly. even after only 2 shows it’s pretty clear that this is hands-down one of the most fulfilling shows I’ve ever been a part of. by putting our heads together, melding our bands (and ultimately our styles) together, Brendan and I, along with this amazingly talented group of musicians, have managed to create something truly special. I won’t spoil things for those of you who have yet to catch a show,  rather I’ll treat this as an opportunity to say if it is at ALL in the cards for you to make it out to see us share the stage together, please do what you have to to make it happen. you won’t be disappointed. I promise. 

still can’t get over the fact that I can type this and post it from a vehicle on the interstate, moving at roughly 70 miles an hour. guys. it’s still amazing. probably always will be.

much love. lookin’ forward to seeing you!


My wife’s from MO, I’m from MI. We met in CA. Built this today to celebrate US.

Got tweeted at by my friends at Southwest after dogging on my not-so-friends at American. I feel I’ve arrived.

Tour Poster: Tony Lucca and Brendan James “Keys, Strings and a Band of Kings Tour”